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202 4573 CHATEAU BOULEVARD, Whistler, British Columbia

Single Family


#Bedrooms: 1   #Bathrooms: 1

21 2301 WHISTLER ROAD, Whistler, British Columbia

Single Family


#Bedrooms: 2   #Bathrooms: 1

216 4809 SPEARHEAD DRIVE, Whistler, British Columbia

Single Family


#Bedrooms: 1   #Bathrooms: 1

206 4315 NORTHLANDS BOULEVARD, Whistler, British Columbia

Single Family


#Bedrooms: 1   #Bathrooms: 1

59 6127 EAGLE RIDGE CRESCENT, Whistler, British Columbia

Single Family


#Bedrooms: 3   #Bathrooms: 3

9253 WEDGEMOUNT PLATEAU DRIVE, Whistler, British Columbia

Vacant Land


#Bedrooms: 0   #Bathrooms: 0

208 2021 KAREN CRESCENT, Whistler, British Columbia

Single Family


#Bedrooms: 2   #Bathrooms: 2

9316 AUTUMN PLACE, Whistler, British Columbia

Single Family


#Bedrooms: 5   #Bathrooms: 7

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"Whistler is a big city and a small town".

     It opens to tourists from all around the world, and also makes it a great home .

"The snow is amazing and the terrain is huge!".

     The great Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain are center of our town. The exciting and pleasure they offers will never end.

"If you want to something very extreme, or you want something very gentle, we have all the possible ".

     This is totally true !

"Whistler is really becoming an international destination, not just for skiiing":

     Investment in Whistler real estate market? This is the right time !


Whether you are a buyer, a seller, an investor, or just browsing the market, here you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The real estate market can be overwhelming. My 11 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise can serve you well in navigating through the market and will lead you to choose the option best suited to your needs.

Please browse the information provided for you on this website, including the powerfully simple Listings Map Search. Do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have more questions or require any assistance.

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  • wecha-2208131737523000
    Whistler appeared atop the list of five Canadian communities where Airbnb hosts stand to benefit most from welcoming long-term guests to stay in their rental units, the company said in a news release about the top North American destinations for "digital nomads" and remote workers. Airbnb defines "long-term renta...

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  • booki-2108071547519255
    Many people buy Whistler properties for investment purpose. Nightly rental allowed properties are usully on the top of their shopping list. Here is one thing to remind you: Occupancy Rates. It means how easy the property can get booked among different situations.  When we have to reduce nightly rental price because of some un-expected situa...

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  • onewh-2005211555081660
        Moutains closed. Parks closed. Lake is still cold to play in.      People in Whistler are always very serious about "play". Here they found a new toy.     The Onewheel team      Onewheel has been on market for several years. It is called snowboard everyday, everywhere. ...

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  • wecha-2005151624494287
        Even at a ski resort as Whistler, due to all reasons, the ski in/ ski out properties are still very limited. We might easy to see some smaller size condos, but barely to have large size ski properties on market.    Here is one of these gem hidden on the ski slop.    To get ...

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  • 329-1-2005121255246776
    这是在惠斯勒市中心Town Plaza的一套一室一厅的物业。 它没有什么特别之处,只是在新冠疫情危机中,当各地房地产市场被突然强行按下暂停键的情况下,还很快完成了出售。 由此给我们的提示,可以帮助我们理解投资惠斯勒房地产的另一个理由。 作为不动产的投资,如果不考虑未来增值的收益(率),持有期间的成本和变现的难度是很多人事先缺乏考虑的。作者作为曾在温哥华工作多年,并且很早开始专注于惠斯勒市场的房地产经纪,对此已深有体会。 惠斯勒作为一个世界级的四季旅游度假地、北美第一选择的世界级滑雪场,其短期住宿市场有可能受种种因素的影响而出现波动,进而影响物业的出售价格。有幸的是,它的旅游住宿市场永远是一个旺盛的存在。在中心地段无可能新建物业的特殊背景环境下,物业供应的有限性与旅游住宿需求...

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  • wecha-2004291357592046
    疫情爆发,惠斯勒关山一个半月了。世界经济前景无法预测。 惠斯勒房地产市场看似死水一片。但是,谁在暗流中继续游泳? 最近的一个成交告诉你:有钱的人! 最近的一笔成交是一套3700 平方尺的豪华公寓物业,成交价$8,300,000。这个价格创造了公寓类物业新的单位面积价格记录。 如果你说这是偶然的惠斯勒房地产交易活动的话,请再去查查4月的另一个成交: $5,100,000。那个房子还不算在湖边的,只是可以去湖里的一个小池塘,结果是一个月内卖掉了。 有趣吗?有空跟Ruby 聊聊吧!
  • wecha-2004301535084267
    Follow Ruby's steps, let's go see some ski in/ski out properties on Blackcomb Mountain.  Our first stop is : Aspens on Blackcomb. Youtube channel: For more information, please contact your Whistler Realtor Provided by: Ruby Jiang Email: ENGEL&nbs...

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  • 23-66-2007292203506273
        “Serenity" in Whistler.      Neasted in a quiet cul-de-sac is this incredibly 5900 sqft custom-built timeless construction with best craftsmanship and finest quality materials.    A 2/3 acre of private flat lot with manicured gardens and flowers in summer.     The main living area ...

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